Jazz: Trump's Journey

Jazz: Trump's Journey 1.0.2

Play your trumpet to fame in this fun platformer


  • Great soundtrack
  • Beautiful art
  • Challenging gameplay and puzzles
  • Good storyline
  • Hidden items and achievments


  • Only two levels available for free
  • Controls are a little cramped

Very good

Jazz: Trump's Journey is a platforming game for Android that blends beautiful, retro art with New Orleans jazz.

The stand out features of Jazz: Trump's Journey is its beautiful environments and awesome jazz soundtrack. The mechanics of Jazz: Trump's Journey are what you would expect from any other platforming game. Jump, slide, and move obstacles throughout each level to get to the end.

Jazz: Trump's Journey does have a special mechanic once you help Trump find his trumpet. Tap the trumpet button and time will freeze. This becomes necessary to pause/resume platforms to get through a level.

Throughout Jazz: Trump's Journey's you'll find more members to join your band. Each level is also filled with musical notes and photographs. Collect them all to unlock achievements. You'll want to search each level thoroughly as photographs can be hidden where you least expect.

While Jazz: Trump's Journey is a free application, only the first two levels are actually free. You'll have to pony up some cash for the full version.

Overall, Jazz: Trump's Journey is a breath of fresh air for platformers with its compelling story, beautiful art, and great soundtrack.

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Jazz: Trump's Journey


Jazz: Trump's Journey 1.0.2

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